Colombo Branch

The branch was established in year 2009 as the second campus of Earth University College. The branch still maintain its placement in the BIT-Institute-Analysis by obtaining maximum pass percentages for several years in some academic semesters. It is the most leading BIT-Institute in the Colombo District.

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New Commencing Batch
Batch No. Course Day Branch Commence Status Roster
160101 FIT N/A Colombo -- New --
160102 Bit-Sem2 Saturday Colombo 2016-06-04 New --
160103 Bit-Sem2 Sunday Colombo 2016-06-04 New --
160104 Bit-Sem4 Saturday Colombo 2016-05-28 New See Link
160105 Bit-Sem4 Sunday Colombo 2016-05-29 New See Link
160106 Bit-Sem6 Saturday Colombo 2016-05-28 New See Link

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